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Reviews from french readers

Emma B. Posted on May 26, 2020

A book that arouses interest

Gwenola is taking us on a hike in Norway. Splendid images and sacred anecdotes are put in parallel with her own history, itself included in that of humanity. I recognized myself in Gwenola, in this chaotic life course because of a failing but invisible state of health, ignored, denied by society. Reading was a beneficial slap in the face, it allowed me to wake up a little more, to believe a little more that my psychological state has no purely psychological cause, that the multiple pollutions (heavy metals, etc.), the pathogens in our bodies (bacteria, worms,…), invisible to the eyes of doctors, shrinks, my family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues, have real serious repercussions on physical and mental health. At the slightest lack of vigilance, I would easily settle into collective denial. I wanted to offer this book to the crowd because it contains the words I didn’t have in order to make my suffering heard ; but also because of the variety of the themes covered, it can touch many people : it will seduce nature and Norway lovers, microbiota and health enthusiasts, spirituals on the way … Gwenola revisits the history of humanity through a new prism, which arouses interest. The reflection is thorough, based on solid scientific, philosophical, religious, historical and political references. Gwenola skillfully connects all these themes, and proposes microbiotic cogs to our society and scientific explanations to the lack of spirituality in today’s world. In my readings and in my life, I value beautiful feathers and beautiful people and one feels that God is at work here. I was able to embark on this reading with my eyes closed ^^ because I have been following Gwenola on social networks for a while and you can see that she is a beautiful person full of authenticity with really strong knowledge ! Finally, this book transmits a fire motivation to regain health, shows that despite genetics, nothing is lost, everything is possible, that we can find an optimal functioning !

Amazon 5.0 Customer 5.0 out of 5 Stars CHANGE TO REALLY LIVE January 20, 2020

Format: Paperback

Much more than a simple trip to the heart of the Norwegian open spaces, Gwénola invites us to travel in its own heart. She tells us about her experience, how the changes in her life, in her diet, have healed her body and soul. It is a reflection on life, but with such an original way of approaching it that one cannot lift the nose of this book once one has plunged into it. I too want to make this inner journey, it’s really the trigger I needed to act and really change a diet that I already knew to be less than ideal… Experience is the only thing that guides us on the right path, knowledge is not enough to change ! This book gives the desire for a new start, it gives the desire to really LIVE…by living differently. Here is a spiritual and scientific food to devour urgently!

Yvan’s review

I took great pleasure and joy in discovering VIVANTE. It seems to me that your words were inspired by very beautiful energies and their reading brings a lot of joy to the reader, through your humble steps. Writing is courageous, and we can feel that this courage has gradually turned into the certainty that your steps were leading you exactly where you needed to be to draw the substantial marrow from the experience of your life.

And for me, this is one of the greatest gifts that life can give us.                                 

 Thank you for being able to share it so well with others.

Daniel’s review

« I just finished your book, it took me about a week to read it and what can I say… « The Great Escape », I emptied my mind, I closed my eyes, I escaped, I travelled and I felt this freedom that I haven’t felt for a long time in my daily life. It’s been years since I have read a book (I only read magazines on photo/editing and/or computer) and there, as soon as I saw your video on the release of your book « Vivante », I had like a call… I don’t know why… and this call did not sound false because I loved it, what courage, what knowledge, what joy to be in harmony with Nature and all that it offers us ; and yes, let’s take off our « glasses » (and me first)! Here we are, so my wife has started reading your book today (she reads much more than me) ; after that, I will read it again much more slowly so that the journey will last much longer……………….. »

Pierre’s review

« I have finished « Alive », and am already looking forward to offering each of the two extra copies (well received, thank you!) to people who, I have no doubt, will appreciate this masterpiece !

What a mine of information, what consistency in your approach.  The last third of your story is really an apotheosis, as full-bodied as it is thought-provoking, even « hair-raising » in some respects.

It’s really an indispensable book, to be read urgently !

Bravo Gwenola ! »

Laurence Delaunay’s review 4.0 out of 5 stars Very interesting August 21, 2019

Format : Paperback

Excellent book. Gwénola takes us on a journey to Norway and in her thoughts, both exciting. We end with a multitude of questions, openings, doubts, certainties, reflections, desires to deepen, to seek, to try. We must find the answers now.

Cathy’s review

« Thank you for writing this wonderful book. You’re right, it’s better than talking. I read it with greed, great interest and respect for the work you’ve done. To be shared without moderation ! »

Patricia’s review

« It’s a pure joy to read your book.

With this rotten weather today it brightened up my day sincerely.

I wanted to keep it to read it when I get to Noirmoutier but I’m already halfway through. I was even looking forward to going to bed to read it tonight.

Congratulations for this beautiful work !!! not only is it captivating but also very enriching… »

Stephane T review. Posted on August 17, 2019 5 Staying Alive

The dense and not too long reading of this trip, I felt it like what Gwenola makes us discover : clear, sometimes tumultuous water flowing between rocks, steep slopes to more welcoming and greener lands. There is an obvious authenticity when one notices the synergy between the sense of the initiatory journey, in the image of her life’s journey, and the balanced form of her writing which mixes contemplation and deep thinking, linking science and philosophy, the climate of a boreal land in the heat of that year, etc. A marriage of opposites that reenchants and does not leave one indifferent. Thinking for a true philosophy in my opinion because it is associated with an inner experience which, because I call it « limit », is truly addressed to everyone if we wish to return to the sources of the evils that affect us all in various forms, degrees and intensities. In particular, through very telling quotations, Gwenola seems to me to propose major avenues of thinking to understand the origin of the deadly process that would lead us to think that we would no longer be the most intelligent being but the most « stupid »; she thus opens up to completely realistic « possibilities » in this healing of the human being, and is in line with the idea of other authors who think that an external revolution can only be made from an internal revolution. Beyond our differences and in this desire to become aware of a « common » experienced by the body (much more than in a declared universal ideal), through a singular cascade of experiences specific to life that joins rivers of knowledge marking out science and the oldest traditions, we already feel more alive … since we reach here the fundamental to the pleasant … A big thank you is in order.

Pierre-Yves’s review

My first impression is the same as this comment about Fnac?

As it’s not very thick, and is very « easy to drink », I drag my feet a little bit, to take the time to appreciate it, and make the trip last longer

Jenny’s review

« Celebration of Life Posted Jul 24, 2019 Useful Kapfer 5.0 on 5 Stars A Beautiful Journey Inside July 28, 2019

Format : Paperback

When you start reading about this fabulous journey into the heart of the authentic nature and the deepest part of your being through Gwenola’s life experience, it is hard to give up. She takes us with her to « paradise », gives us food for thought and makes us question ourselves. Personally, I have only one desire after this reading, which is to experience inner balance, especially through a frugal and adapted diet to find well-being and peace. « 

Guy’s review

Dear Gwénola,

As you know, I’ve been following your research for several years. Once again, I express my admiration for your courage in the face of the symptoms you have endured for too many years, your persistence in seeking and understanding the true origin of your suffering, your intelligence and logical mind to try and remedy it.

You have managed to put all this into pages and I really enjoyed reading your two books. But I also appreciate your videos, in which we can clearly see your evolution, both physical and spiritual. In your latest videos, you are radiant ! Glowing !

Your life adventure is remarkable, you are an example to follow. I was inspired by your experience, certainly, partially, adapting (more or less well) all this to my being and my age (I will turn 73 in October). Thanks to you, I have achieved considerable improvements.

I thank you very much for that. I hope that many other people will be inspired by your life experience, understanding that respecting natural laws (physical and spiritual) is essential to avoid unnecessary suffering.

I wish you all the best for this life and … for eternity.

Pierre’s review

« I haven’t finished the book yet (I’m on page 90), but I’d really like to congratulate you already ! What a concentrate of knowledge, testimonies and information about food, the functioning of the human body, hygienic therapies, all infiltrated in a superbly written, vibrant and lively hiking story, not to mention the extremely interesting philosophical and political-social flights of fancy. This book is quite a work and it is a wonderful gift you are giving us. I’m looking forward to having more or less the equivalent to read ; what else am I going to discover ?! I’ll get back to you when I’m done.

In the meantime, I’m already going to place an order for two more books that I’d like to give as a gift to my family and friends.

I’m really up to date with almost everything you write and I’ve already underlined many passages in your book. By the way … thank you for putting some blank pages at the end of the book, so that you can write down references and reflections without having to look for a support, which you might lose later on.

Congratulations again

Same person the next day :

« I’m looking forward to delighting in the rest of your book : I’ve just gone through a very dense and hair-raising passage : pages 90 to 95 (this last page is the one where I stopped). You’re really very strong ! « Pierre

Emmanuelle’s review

« I finished your book. That’s wonderful. The exercise was very difficult to lead the 2 wires at the same time without losing the reader. Bringing the serious and so delicate subject gently …

Your thesis brought me the missing link …

And you made me want to get lost in Norway.

Coming back to your book, a seed of thought to be sown (spread) widely to give it a chance to germinate and reproduce, I will order 2 more, one for my son and one for a friend. And I will suggest it to the librarians in my area. And I’m sure I won’t be the only one to promote it. »

Joëlle’s review

« The book read, finished ; at the height of my hopes ; what happiness to follow the walker on earth, in her head and her book discoveries always very interesting and full of hope. It makes you want to go for a walk and to find yourself ; I have decided to start a fight against my parasites on August 1, 2019. »

Françoise’s review

I hesitated to buy « Alive » because I’ve been following you for a while, I know your story well and I even read your first book but what a surprise ! And a good one. Your hiking story is very well written and captivating. It makes for a great trip to Norway but your book actually goes far beyond my expectations, far beyond your story. It’s amazing, even explosive. Thank you so much for delivering all this and for all the work.

Sylvie’s review

I had a great time reading you, Gwénola, even if it wasn’t the most favourable because it’s difficult on holiday not to make a few deviations, but I didn’t feel guilty for all that, the form was there, but it’s certain that it can’t last like that! In any case, I really found that there was a big change in your writing, what a talent, plus the small scientific details, I still learned! A hike that makes us really question ourselves! What a positive thing for me! Except for one small detail, I can’t stand sunflower seeds and I saw that they were not recommended for blood group O, maybe an explanation, but it made me wince a bit when I read you, it’s crazy how reactive we are anyway! »

Michèle’s review

I read your book on the night of the solar eclipse, at the same time as I started a fast.

I have devoured your book, I share your point of view on many topics and will read it again to take more time.

I have been following you for some time and I must admit that this synchronicity in reading has marked me.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had this feeling of personal work and I thank you very much for your investment and your precious sharing.

Emmanuelle’s review

I haven’t finished your book, but I’m enjoying it. Both in content and form. Magnificent, in a beautiful literary style and full of poetry and emotion. And the message that develops gradually. And I felt it as a beautiful and powerful encouragement. I think the goal has been largely achieved. Bravo !

I’m going to order two copies to give away.

I wish you to continue to cultivate your enthusiasm and creativity, in short your beautiful person.

Valérie’s review

« Here’s a book I recommend. I didn’t finish it, but what a journey… inside yourself. So if you want to read something useful on your vacation… To consume without moderation ! « 

Marie-Thérèse’s review

« I devoured the book (Alive) in two small afternoons…As I read part of another comment, I too was with You…I was there…it was so sweet to read…such vivid descriptions, a real narrative talent…. …such logical explanations (gluten, casein etc…,), and this Life of total Presence to You and Communion with the Whole…I found myself in a very pleasant « torpor »…THANK YOU for this beautiful journey to SELF…♥ in fact, I’m asking for more hihi… »

Anne’s review

« I left out several passages because this book wants to take me where I don’t necessarily want to go, but the part about pure hiking (pure walking too) is a real pleasure, you really believe in it and you excel at this exercise.

Yvette’s review

« Surprising ! You don’t have to miss a line to fully understand the depth of the message. « 

Maria’s review

« High quality production, it is just great. Gwénola Le Dref has succeeded in the very difficult exercise of inviting any sceptical mind to reconsider its position, which is very cleverly done. Bravo !

This book allowed me to measure how much freeing myself from my behaviours was the last lever to be activated in order to really be able to resign and fulfil myself in my aspirations (and not those of others). »

Anna’s review

« Disturbing ! A book that questions and provokes questions. »